C. R. Harris, Jr., D.D.S., LTD

Our Move is Complete!
We saw our last patient in our old office on June 21. We were honored that Connie Licone was our last patient in the dental office she had visited since she was a little girl. She was kind to tolerate our sentimental picture-taking and pose for a couple of shots. We also caught a  few of Dr. Harris leaving his office of many years. He says he has enjoyed his old office but definitely thinks it's time for a move. He even has an office now!

After much cleaning out, throwing away, packing, and multiple trips to dump the trash trailer, the movers came on Monday, June 25 to unplug all the equipment and move it up "up the road." While all the technicians worked to put everything back together, Dr. Harris, Pam, Kelly, Becky, Karrie, and Phyllis were busy finding a place to put EVERYTHING! 

On July 2 & 3, we had a "soft" opening to be sure all was working well. There were a few "bugs" but overall everything went smoothly. On July 9 we began our first full week and are so pleased with our new location as well as getting back to a routine. We hope that you will enjoy our new location at 6423 Canon Way when you come for your visit.
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Karrie, Pam, Becky, and Kelly are with our last patient Connie Licone at the last day in our former office. 
Dr. Harris & Connie share a story from her childhood which is when she first started coming to our old office to see Dr. Harris.
Welcome to our new reception area. 
We added on additional exam room at this office, for a total of six. Also we welcome back Amy Taylor who is working with us on Mondays in hygiene.